OPROEP – MG TC 9295 –

gezochtIndien u info heeft over de MG TC met Chassisnr 9295; gelieve dan contact op te nemen met Patrick van Gelder via vicepresident@mgcarclub.be

zie bericht hieronder :

I am writing to ask for your help in contacting a member of the MG Car Club of Belgium.  It concerns MGTC 9295 engine Number 9972.  Erika and I owned this car in 1963/64 (we left the church in it on our wedding day on Oct 63)  I have been researching this morning and discovered that the car is currently running in Belgium with the Reg no 1 AYJ 523.  It would really be great if you could put me in touch with the owner.  We have some old photos and could tell him/her about the history with us and we should really love to see the car again.


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