YFYS recce – preparing the event

Today, the organizers (José, Miange, Daniël and Nelly) had organized a meeting for all the helpers of the YFYS event. Several extra hands will be needed during the three days, because, as MG car Club Belgium, we want to receive our international guests in the best possible way. Hence, several people will be located at various points, to show our visitors the right way.
We mainly got the event on the Saturday explained, which will give the visitors lots of opportunity to discover the history and the crucial role of the lock system in Nieuwpoort. But there will also be time for sightseeing and visiting the wonderfull town of Nieuwpoort. The oher days we will be covering bigger distances and get to see more of the environment and other places of intrest.

José showing the area where the guests will be welcomed

Inspecting the room where we will have the drink on Saturday evening

The parking area that will be entirely reserved for our MG’s during the event

The King AlbertI memorial

A view onto the lock system, which stopped the German invasion and therefore played such an important role in history ! Without it, Europe would certainly look different now.

The old trainstation at Ramskapelle, the scenery for some heavy fighting in October 1914

Memorial to Christmas 1914, when both sides stopped the war for Christmas for one day. The day after the madness started again …

Team meeting, discussing the details from the agenda.

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